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Contact:  Kris Kemp  /  bicycledays@yahoo.com  /  347-557-5487

I am now offering graphic design, logos, slogans, and complete brand strategy packages!  Click here to see samples.


Need a website?
Need copywriting?
I can do both.  

I've been building websites and writing persuasive copy for 10+ years, mainly for my own creative projects.  Now, I'm making my services available to the public.

Because this is, essentially, a one-man show (me), a limited number of spots are available for new clients.  

To grab your spot, text:  347-557-5487 for a free consultation.  In this consultation, we'll discuss strategies you can use to get more customers/clients and generate bigger profits for your business or freelance services, along with a estimated rate for the costs.

You can hire me, do these strategies on your own, or outsource them.  It's up to you.  This is a no-pressure, no-obligation chat.  

Get started, right now, by texting:  347-557-5487 with "Free Consultation". 

Kris Kemp
writer, copywriter, digital marketing 


website & copywriting services

Why hire me to build your website?
Why hire me for my copywriting services?

I have experience doing this!

Hi, I'm Michael Kemp.  I go by the name Kris Kemp.  I'm a writer, musician, photographer, traveler, and creative entrepreneur.  I have 10+ years building websites (HTML & WordPress) and copywriting.  

I specialize in building fast-loading websites, writing e-books (20+ so far), and copywriting for sales pages, landing pages, and squeeze pages.  

If you need help with this kind of stuff, feel free to text me.  Due to a plethora of current projects, I may be unable to take on new projects.  However, I can still offer strategies you can use to build your customer list and generate more sales.

More than just a website!

When you hire me, you're not just getting a website, you're getting a writer (a novel, screenplays, a musical, 20+ e-books), and copywriter with experience writing copy for sales pages, squeeze pages, landing pages, and email sequences.  

When you hire me, I can help you identify your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) so you can stand out from the crowd by offering value with your products and services or even both.  

Also, I can help you create a lead magnet in order to solicit the page visitors contact information, and even set up an email sequence that can help you establish trust and rapport with them in order to keep them as a client or customer.  

The goal is to convert indifferent page visitors into loyal customers who are eager to buy your product or service and service, and excited to tell their friends about you!  

Website?  Copywriting?  Both.

Need a website?  Need copywriting?  I can do both.

I can build your website using HTML or WordPress or a combination of these.  Also, I can craft copywriting in order to help you identify your Unique Selling Position (USP), and with your squeeze page and landing page. 

Text:  347-557-5487 to schedule a free consultation.  This is a no-pressure call in which we'll discuss your needs, wants, and expectations.  I'll listen, take notes, and put together a plan-of-action with a rate of the expected cost.  

Schedule a Free Consultation!

Schedule a Free Consultation.  To get started, text:  347-557-5487 with "Free Consultation", along with the best time to call you.

This is a no-pressure call in which we'll discuss your needs, wants, and expectations.  I'll listen, take notes, and put together a plan-of-action with a rate of the expected cost.  

Text:  347-557-5487 with "Free Consultation" to get started.

What Clients Are Saying:

My experience with Get A Website For My Business was a gamechanger.  The site was ready in a pinch, cost efficient, and helped generate leads in our target audience.  The service was great, too.  Can't recommend it highly enough.

Jonathan Jones
teacher, assistant pastor

I had Kris Kemp make me a website.  He's one of the best designers in the business.  Fully detailed. Good guy to work with.  Will definitely highly recommend him to build a website.  Very good. Easy to work with.

Robby Orr
owner - RJO Construction


Kris set up our Google Business Listing and put pictures up, too.  He's a great guy to work with, friendly, helpful, and kind.  If you want a website, call him.

Lisa Hamilton
Owner - L & J Cleaning Services

Kris has built and managed multiple websites for us over the years.  He has an extensive knowledge of creative design, management and even promotional campaigns.  He has helped us maximize our SEO , reaching top page rankings.  He is not only up to date on the latest methods to optimize page quality and presence, he has actually created some innovative and proprietary solutions to ensure maximum ROI and advantages over our competitor's pages.

David Towner
entrepreneur, writer, producer

Kris was very professional and attentive to my requirements.  I am very pleased with the work he performed for me and I highly recommend him.

Barbara Luchtman
retired, volunteer

Not only did Kris set up our Real Estate website, he created the copy and even took pictures and videos which he posted online.  His rates were reasonable and his experience is exceptional.

Richard Rankin 
Founder -X1 Properties

This guy has a vast amount of ideas and creativity when it comes to marketing and website design.  I schedule calls on a regular basis and get a lot from them.

Meghan Hurley
writer, photographer

Kris is great at getting new entrepreneurs started with the necessary tools needed for success.  Would definitely recommend him to anyone.

Felecia McIntyre 
CEO - Berry Test (CNA Training School)

Our company builds and sells multi-million dollar homes in the South Florida area.  So, we needed a website designer who knows what he's doing.  We put the word out and got a recommendation about Kris from someone we knew.  Our team set up a meeting with him.  He was friendly and answered all our questions.  Our CFO hired him.  Kris set up our website for X-1 Unique Homes and built it from the ground up, to showcase our luxury custom home building company.  He even set up personal emails to prevent spam.  Amazing work!  Highly recommend him and his agency.

Vincent Rankin
media relations

I've known Kris for years and then, after starting my online teaching, reached out to him to get his thoughts.  We had a great discussion and I took lots of notes.  Am excited about putting his ideas to work.

Carrie Snyder
online teacher

Hire me for your website & copywriting services.  I specialize in copywriting for sales pages, squeeze pages, landing pages, and email marketing sequences with the goal to help you build an audience and grow your profits.  
Kris Kemp / 347-557-5487 / bicycledays@yahoo.com

Home  /  About  /  FAQ  /  Disclaimer  /  Privacy Policy  /  Terms of Service

Contact:  Kris Kemp  /  bicycledays@yahoo.com  /  347-557-5487

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